Male and female infertility:

Infertility has become a common criteria among young couples these days. This is because of the changing lifestyle and habits which is becoming worse day by day. Skipping breakfast is a very common habit which most are trying to adapt in our lifestyle today. The reason for this is poor time management. Sleep late in the night and getting up late in the morning and the rushing to office without having breakfast. Breakfast is a very important meal of the day and skipping this can lead to a lot of imbalance in life. This might look very simple but in the longer run this will leads to gas and slowly to other stomach complications. There is a rise in the number of ulcer cases which can be a risk of stomach cancer. You might now wonder why we are even talking about this. The reason is our health which is important in deciding our fertility health as well. Recent study as shown that men who include less protein in their diet are more likely to be infertile than men who include protein in their diet.

During my last visit to an infertility center in Pune I happened to meet a lot of young couples in their late 20s who are fighting against infertility. All of us had a common factor. They were are working couples who spend long hours in front of the computer and were affected by obesity. Being over-weight has a lot of side effects and infertility is one of them. It affects both men and women without any bias.

But on the other hand, there are couples who have decided against any fertility treatment. It is extremely difficult to live as a childless couple. In India, people are not going to look at you the same they did previously. Society norms terms you as unlucky. In certain parts of the country, people are not even called for any functions. While this is predominant, couples understand that the problem is with the people who they are with and start choosing the kind of people whom they can hang out with. This will fix the basic problem. One of the best way to cope up for childless couples is to become friends with other couples who are similar to them.

An  IVF center in Chandigarh which has a history of treating infertility due to weight claims that people should start looking at their health very seriously. There are lot of things which over weight can lead to.

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