Quick Facts And Aspects About Varied Testosterone Blends

It’s no secret that testosterone is used by bodybuilders to gain muscles and boost strength. A lot of them also use testosterone blends, which can offer specific results. Numerous testosterone blends are available in the market, and in this post, we will try to understand the benefits and other aspects in detail.

The basics

You must have read in school that testosterone is the primary male sex hormone, which is responsible for libido, muscle growth, and all other secondary male characteristics. The hormone is manufactured by the testicles, which in return is monitored by the pituitary gland. Basically, it is the pituitary gland that sends signals to the testes as how much testosterone is to be produced. With testosterone blends, it is possible to modify the secretion of testosterone for benefits like muscle growth, maintenance of RBC in the body, enhance tissue building through anabolism, and improve manufacturing of sperm.

The concept of testosterone blends

It is possible to have a testosterone blend by using different esters that help in modifying the base form of this hormone. To be more precise, a testosterone blend contains esters. These esters are nothing but components that help in modifying the main drug, so as to change certain ways in which the drug reacts. When added to testosterone, it can change the absorption rate among other things. A number of esters are used with testosterone, often to reduce the rate of release and overall delivery of testosterone in the blood.

Selecting a testosterone blend

As stated earlier, a number of ester options are used with testosterone, but some of the common ones are testosterone cypionate, testosterone propionate and testosterone enanthate. Each of them is different in the way they work with base testosterone, but the overall anabolic effects are same. Most seasoned bodybuilders will know about Omnadren 250, which was created using four esters, but the drug is not available anymore. Today, besides the standardized mixtures, users often like to create their own blend by using one or more esters with base testosterone.

No matter what kind of testosterone blend you use, it will have a few side effects on the body. The compositions that have more than one ester are typically considered to be more harmful than others, but it also depends on a lot of factors, including dosage, milligram strength, half life and much more. Do your research about these testosterone blends before considering one of them.


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