Role of proteins in weight loss

Obesity is a major problem that affects a large part of the population in most of the developed and developing nations. It is being attributed to the high intake of baked items and refined flours that are depleted of most of the nutritional benefits that a whole grain can offer. For example, the refined wheat flour will only have less than half the nutritional benefits that a whole wheat flour can offer. This has led to research and studies that suggest that the use of whole grain flour or protein-rich food and flour could be beneficial.


How can protein-rich flour be beneficial?

If you learn how protein can aid in weight loss you will be able to understand the role of high protein flour in weight loss. The reasons include

  • Protein makes you feel full for a long period of time- protein takes longer time for digestion than carbohydrates. This relieves you of having hunger pangs for a longer period of time. It keeps you satiated for longer and also makes you feel full even when you have taken less food. In the long run, it manifests in calorie saving and weight loss.
  • It curbs spurts and dips in blood sugar- when you pair protein-rich food with carbohydrates the absorption of sugar from your stomach to the bloodstream is regulated. Therefore, it will prevent blood sugar levels from skyrocketing and also ensure that you do not crave for food.
  • Protein burns up using high energy- the energy you require to break the food you eat into smaller components is called the Thermic effect of food (TEF). The TEF of protein is higher than that of carbohydrates. This means you are burning more calories to process proteins, which is good for weight loss.
  • Fuels fat burning- diet with adequate protein will help you burn fat and at the same time help you retain lean muscles.
  • Promote muscle repair and growth- proteins also help you endure physical activities for long periods of time making it possible to burn extra calories without harming your muscles.

Studies suggest that a weight loss program can yield benefits only if it is being followed for a long period of time. When you have to follow a diet plan for a long time, a plan that changes the entire diet pattern of an individual is not likely to help. Therefore replacing the existing refined flour or even whole grain flour with high protein four is considered as the best alternative to make people adhere to diet plans without changing what they are used to eating, say rotis or bread for breakfast.

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