Hydrogel Butt Injections – Negligibly Invasive Cosmetic Procedure for Getting Best Butts

 Some people don’t have great looking rear and therefore they want to enhancements done for that body part. Butt injections have gained popularity these days over butt implants as it provides treatment will less cost and pain. Hydrogel buttock injections provide this solution of adding volume to buttocks. These injections are minimally nosy cosmetic treatment that has main components as polyacrylamide and 97.5{e57abf90b25f0e28dca92805c8cf341aff0dcbac27f9aa5bc97ee118adb86dfa} water.2

It works as a filler (just like silicone in implant surgery) to increase butt size for a curvier look without getting a big cut which is required in surgical implant. Although hydrogels like Restylane and Juvederm are used usually in lips and face, these have not been approved by FDA in United States for using in the butt enlargement treatments.

How it Works?

The treatment includes making a small laceration in the body and injecting hydrogel solution into tissues that makes fat hydrogel travel swiftly to the required area. This process doesn’t give perfection as sometimes buttock has to undergo numerous injections to get desired shape.

Advantages of Hydrogel Injections

  • Natural Looking

The most obvious benefit is that the outcomes are natural looking. Fat has a property that it mimes the attributes of whichever body part you infuse it into. So once injected to your tissue it will make your buttock curvy while believable and firm enough for you mention everyone that you got it through workout at gym.

  • Less Recovery Time

The recovery time required for hydrogel buttock treatment is minimal. The abscess lasts for at most two days. Moreover, results are quick and apparent within 2 weeks.

  • Good Option for Patients Lacking Additional Fat

Not everyone is blessed with a fleshy body. Therefore fat injection procedure cannot be used for people who lack additional fat required for procedure. Hence, hydrogel injections are a suitable option in that case.

Knowing the Worth of Hydrogel Buttock Injections

  • Associated Risk

It has been shown by research that though polyacrylamide is relatively intact, the ingredients contain nururotoxin acrylamide. Moreover, polyacrtlamide contained in hydrogel injections may de-polymerize later on and turn into acrylamide that is nothing else but poison in the body.

  • Not FDA Approved

Beside the risk associated with product, the FDA has also warned against self-supervising these injections. A lot of Hydrogel Kits are available in the bootleg market that may inspire you to infuse your butt frequently. The FDA is working on a clampdown for this as the irresponsible use of toxic products may lead to gratuitous deaths.

  • Cost Related Considerations

Moreover, hydrogel injections cost $300-$500 and outcomes of these injections are not durable and can dissipate after 18 months of treatment. In addition, since these injections are banned in United States, you will need to look for third world countries sellers offering injections and the probability of getting best quality product is questionable. Since medical laws are vague outside US, so you might face a hard time in finding someone liable if there are failures associated with the procedure.


Only buttock enhancement method which is safe to do in United States is Fat Injections. The safety of injected substance is because that it’s your own body fat and will return inside your body. Therefore it’s important to make a wiser choice as it’s about your own body.

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